Founding Director and President of the Ignite Your Light Coalition, Ani Christi, also known as Ann Johnston, brings over three decades of experience in transforming consciousness to the projects of the Coalition. A former mediator and licensed attorney, Ani has lectured internationally on personal and spiritual transformation and conflict resolution, and is a sought out public speaker. She has also designed numerous pilot programs in social service. Ani holds a Master's Degree in Interdisciplinary Consciousness Studies from John F. Kennedy University in California and was named Alumna of the Year in 1998. In addition to expertise in transpersonal psychology and vibrational healing, Ani is a cancer survivor who utilized holistic techniques of mind-body-spirit integration to heal her cancer. She is an accomplished meditation teacher, Reiki Master, practitioner of the Axiatonal Alignment (Reconnective Healing) and a certified transmitter of multi-dimensional quantum healing codes. Ani has devoted herself to mastery of the Gene Keys since 2016, and the Coaliiton is now a Gene Keys Affiliate. Ani is committed to humanity's collective transformation. She has recently completed her spiritual memoir, Awakening to Love and a Sacred Life.

An active volunteer member of The Ignite Your Light Coalition since its founding in 2014, Jerry is now the acting Treasurer and a Director. Jerry and Ani have been life partners and soul mates since they met in 1986.  Together, they have faced and overcome the many trials Ani describes in her new book, Awakening to Love and a Sacred Life. Steady, calm, and unflappable, Jerry is the rock on which the Coalition has relied for the many unpaid tasks a "Volunteer Director" fulfills. We could not have done any of this without you, Jerry!  "Honour", "Majesty", "Valour", "Wisdom", "Tenderness", "Devotion", and "Empathy" are the essence of who you are. We were amazed -- but not surprised  -- to see these siddhis in your Gene Keys profile. This means you are already embody many of the divine qualities the Ignite Your Light Coalition is devoted to. We thank you for your selfless service on every level. 

Honorary Director Suzanne Harrill, M.Ed. has more than 40 years’ experience as  a spiritual seeker, consciousness educator and licensed professional counselor. She is an accomplished workshop leader, public speaker and is the published author of numerous books on building successful relationships and developing self-esteem in both children and adults. Suzanne is a Master at helping people awaken to the truth of who they are. Her life's work, which also includes the use of art to unlock hidden dimensions of our consciousness, has deeply informed the Coalition's  worldview and programs. You can sign up for her free quarterly newsletter at You can also download many of her published books for free on this website. We highly recommend "Enlightening Cinderella" and "The Harrill Solutions: Secrets of Successful Relationships Revealed".

Thank you, Tamara Bucalo, for your service in 2019-20! It was a joy to do the Gene Keys together and a crowning ceremony with you! We look forward to many future Gene Keys programs!

Thank you, Wendy Walker, for the gift of your support and your angelic voice in 2019-21! You have an extraordinary ability to change the energy in any gathering, and we look forward to many more! 

Thank you, Akushi Angel, for providing the opportunity for Ani to co-host Flowing with the Spiritual Cafe in 2020! It was truly delightful. Without this boost, Ani's book would still be on the drawing board!

Thank you Joan Madison for leading us through a Vision Quest during our first Board Meeting in FL in 2017! You continue to inspire us!

In 2017-18, the art of creative photographer, Ann Kemp, was instrumental to the success of the Coalition's projects. Thank you Ann for your wisdom and service!

Pictured in 2014 are the Founding Directors of the Coalition. Left to right: Juanzina Harper, Ann Johnston, Jessica Quinn and Yolanda O'Hearn. THANK YOU friends for your love and support in 2014-2016, our pilot program years!