Our Founder, Ani Christi, has been co-hosting Flowing with the Spiritual Cafe -- a delightful platform for teachers, authors, lightworkers and healers for many months. Ani is now on "sabbatical", completing her first book which the Coalition will publish! In it she hopes to demonstrate the gift of Mastery -- of allowing the personality to shift, feel and embody greater purity of heart and higher frequency. It is the innate potential of our holiness amplified and activated. It is the birth -- talked about in the Gene Keys and taught in the esoteric Mystery Schools -- of divinity in human form. We see this as the ultimate goal of humanity's evolution.

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Coalition Founder Ani Christi regularly shares her passion for the Gene Keys in Study Groups and public speaking events. 

Her insights:

“If you are searching for the meaning and purpose of your life, I highly recommend the Gene Keys. I obtained an MA in Consciousness Studies in 1996 and have studied many beautiful systems of healing and achieving enlightenment over three decades. For serious spiritual seekers, the Gene Keys is – without doubt -- the most comprehensive system of transforming consciousness I have ever experienced! My commitment to this path has allowed me to transcend my suffering and come to a place of profound peace I now share with others. There is no greater gift.” 



Here are pictures from a magical Crowning Ceremony in February 2019! A special Thank You to Former Director Tamara Bucalo for providing the beautiful handmade floral crowns! In this powerful Initiation Ceremony we invoked Bodhisattva and Ascended Master Kuan Yin, setting our intention to release past woundedness and to embrace and express  the energy of the Divine Feminine being born through us! This is a key aspect of the mission of the Coalition.

Much of our work is based on principles set forth by Buddhist psychotherapist, author and hospice worker Stephen Levine. A favorite work  is "Becoming Kuan Yin: The Evolution of Compassion". In it he states: "Our minds have stories, but our hearts have songs". The question is: Are you singing yours?


For the past year, a group of committed souls has met to explore the contemplative path of the Gene Keys -- a comprehensive genetic, archetypal and vibratory system of transforming consciousness by lifting us out of unconscious fear, unhealed wounds and low frequency thinking. With the right tools, we can become the hero/heroine of our own story. 

Coalition Directors Ani Christi and Akushi Angel are both in training now to become Gene Keys Guides having recently completed The Deep Dive Virtual Retreat and Venus Sequence online classes. New programming will be coming soon, including a new online series of workshops on Opening the Seven Sacred Seals. 


This was a powerful collabortive community event for conscious couples and individuals to help ground the Divine Feminine in our world. Through meditation, ritual, drumming and sacred ceremony, intentions were set to ground the balance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine into the grids of the New Earth. Pictured here (left to right) are Coalition Founder Ani Christi, Priestess of the Sea Founder Marilyn Wilson, and Sisterhood of the Sacred Fire Founder Aurora Farber. 

Thank you dear siStars! 


Ani Christi (left) and Karima Clayton (right) co-presented this event in 2018. Karima Clayton, a metaphysical teacher and author of Transform your Lightbody, lead the group through a powerful invocation of Ascended Master St. Germain 's purifying violent flame. A portion of this invocation has been uploaded to You Tube. 

A beautiful initiation ceremony lead by Ani Christi and inspired by Ascended Master Mary Magdalene followed. We are grateful to be a part of an evolving international community of conscious brothers and sisters!


Unity Isle of Light Spiritual leader and Life Coach Renee Brown helped the Coalition kick off the New Year during a transformational workshop on February 3, 2018 designed to help participants reclaim their personal power and regain joyful mastery of their lives.

Colette Carroll, CEO of NuMind and Yoga Nidra meditation teacher introduced the group to this deeply soulful practice to replenish our bodies, minds and spirit through restorative breath work and deep meditation. Thank you, Colette, for this amazing experience!


Visionary leader Paul Rademacher, shared new insights about his newest work "Time, Money, Dreaming and Enlightenment" and the role of the heart in transforming consciousness. See details below. Paul was joined by beloved angel artist, healer and communicator, Pamela J. Smith, who gave readings for the group and introduced practices to connect with our angels to bring clarity to our lives and to remove negative emotional patterns. Ann Johnston, President of the Ignite Your Light Coalition also shared the 2018 Vision of the Coalition -- becoming a living bridge to a transformed world.

You are invited to the Coalition's FB page to see photos from this inspiring event!

Time, Money, Dreaming and Enlightenment (2017)

Paul Rademacher's first Coalition event addressed the unbearable tension many feel between attending to material needs and exploration of the numinous and offered a way beyond the impasse with revolutionary insights into the nature of Time, Money, Dreaming, & Enlightenment. In a follow-up five-part workshop, Paul drew on his intensely personal experience over 40 years of study in the field human consciousness to offer ground breaking ways of integrating matter and spirit. It was a deeply moving experience in opening our hearts to develop relationships with dream figures and our future selves. Paul is a former Executive Director of The Monroe Institute, world renowned for its pioneering work in the exploration of human consciousness. He is also the author of A Spiritual Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe.

Healing into Our Higher Selves II

In 2017, Coalition Founder Ann Johnston introduced Jacksonville energy healers to one of the most cutting edge and high frequency healing modalities in use on the planet -- a high frequency scalar wave technology to recalibrate your energy field to the highest vibration possible in alignment with your Highest Self. This is a ground-breaking NEW technology based on the principles of quantum physics.

This technology utilizes light and sound healing codes which are transmitted into one's energy field through invocation and deep meditation. Clients who have been unable to break longstanding destructive patterns of thought and emotion have been able to experience enormous breakthroughs. Pictured is a code used for achieving heart-brain coherence.

Healing into our Higher Selves I

This pilot program, the second conducted in 2014 and 2015, was designed to explore the psycho-spiritual techniques by which we heal our lower natures (ego drives) and come more fully into alignment with our Higher Selves. A transpersonal approach was utilized.  The work of transpersonal therapist Jacqueline Small was instrumental in this program. Ahead of her time, Jacquie saw the future of therapy in 5D. Her book "Transformers: Therapists of the Future" has greatly informed the Coalition's work. Thank you, Jacquie!

Esoteric Mystery School

This six-month advanced program in 2015 was devoted to an exploration of the great mystery that we are. Lessons included: (1) we are multi-dimensional beings living in a multi-dimensional universe; (2) we are here to evolve our consciousness to the level of our innate divinity; and (3) through meditation, energy work and other spiritual practices we can quicken the vibratory action of the light within the cells of our bodies enabling our inner light to shine! The Coalition will be continuing this work in the Gene Keys Mystery School format utilizing The Seven Sacred Seals by Richard Rudd.

Photography by Linda Caffey

A Year to Live Group

This intimate pilot met bi-weekly for five months in 2016 and was the first program in North Florida. Utilizing the work of Buddhist psycho-therapist and hospice worker, Stephen Levine, participants dealing with cancer and other life-altering and traumatic events, undertook a courageous examination of how to live each moment with greater self-awareness, compassion and intention. Practices from Stephen Levine's books Healing into Life and Death and A Year to Live helped soften hardened attitudes, lessening the fear and pain which prevent true healing. This group provided a second chance for all of us to reclaim the joy, meaning and purpose of our lives.

Advanced Meditation

This weekly meditation group was part of a pilot program in 2015 and was designed to facilitate a deeper connection to and exploration of our energy bodies and spiritual selves. Advanced techniques and teachings were utilized to access non-ordinary states of consciousness and to expand our perceptions of our innate divine potential. This has been the mission of the Ignite Your Light Coalition since its inception!

Personal Growth and Health Enhancement

This twelve week group was The Coalition's first pilot program in 2014! It met to discuss issues related to the challenges of living purposefully and happily as we age. Participants were encouraged to conduct a meaningful examination of their lives as if this might be their last year to live. If they were given a terminal diagnosis, what would they do differently? Topics included learning better ways to know and take care of ourselves, to live more purposeful and happier lives, to develop stronger relationships, and to restore health, passion and vitality. See photos of this group on our FB page!